Gravel and cobbled sectors create havoc at Hageland

05 June 2021

Sport director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“The race split very early, it started very fast with teams trying to get in the breakaway and also fighting for position for the corners, the gravel sectors and the cobbles. It’s fair to say that it was an explosive start.”

“Andrea, Charles and Declan fought very hard to stay in the bunch, but with around 50 kilometers to go it just split to pieces with maybe only 60/70 riders left in the race. We look ahead to tomorrow now, that will also be a very tough race, but we’re gaining valuable experience here and it’s important to keep learning all the time.”

Declan Irvine:

“I was really down when I dropped off the back, I wanted to go well here in Belgium and stay with the bunch as long as possible. But the level is very high and as soon as we came out of a cobbled or gravel sector the big guys just put the hammer down and we couldn’t stay with that pace.”

“For sure it’s frustrating, but we also need to keep some perspective. It’s our first time at these races and we knew it was going to be very hard, very fast and that we would probably get a kicking and sometimes you need that to help you progress and push you on to the next level.”

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