Managing Diabetes and Exercise During Warmer Months

12 June 2018

Fun in the Sun – Managing Diabetes and Exercise during the warmer months

We all know that exercise is important all year-round. But, extreme heat can sometimes make diabetes management – and basic athletic recovery – difficult. Read on to learn what a few of the Team Novo Nordisk and Team Type 1 athletes do to ensure they enjoy a healthy and active summer.

Becky Furuta, Team Novo Nordisk Cyclist

I make sure to start a workout or race well hydrated and will even use a pre-load formulation in really high heat and high humidity situations. This is particularly useful in situations where I’m losing fluid faster than I can replace it. I also make sure that my recovery contains liquid so I can replace fluid and set myself up for success the next day. I make a conscious effort to take small sips of liquid throughout my workouts and races, too.

Diabetes does not have to get in the way of an active lifestyle during the summer months! TNN and TT1 athletes all seem to agree that checking our blood sugar often and staying well hydrated are keys to success!

Collin Drake, Team Type 1 Cyclist

To keep my blood glucose in range during the summer months when I sweat more, I make sure to always have sufficient fast-acting carbohydrates with me.  I also make sure to check my blood sugar early and often to identify when my blood sugar begins to drop and immediately correct by eating something, if required.  As a racer with diabetes, diabetes is another training parameter that is always in the back of my mind, but as long as I stay on top of my BG values, I can continue to have a blast and compete at the highest levels!

Robert Mullen, Team Type 1 Cyclist

For me, the hardest part about training in the heat is being comfortable backing off when I feel like my body has had enough. I believe I’m better off trusting my perceived effort rather than blowing up early trying to hit scheduled targets. I listen to my body. And, I always monitor my diabetes before, during and after activity.

Andreas Petz, Team Type 1 Triathlete

After the race is before the race!
I make sure to replace the fluids I lost during training or racing immediately after I finish. I often find hydration tabs such as Nuun useful.

Happy Summer, Everyone!

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