Mandy Marquardt Builds a Solid Foundation Racing Nations Cups On Three Different Continents

02 June 2023

In less than four months, Team Novo Nordisk’s Mandy Marquardt traveled to four continents to compete in three UCI Nations Cups and attend two training camps. Marquardt finished 20th in the Nation’s Cup Overall Sprint Standings with over 60 competitors.

“In track sprinting there is little room for error, therefore training on the 250m indoor velodrome is critical to continue developing my speed, strength and technical skills. I am spending as much as time in LA this year to prepare for major competitions with the team and chase down Olympic Qualifying points. Being away from home is never easy, but I am fortunate to have my husband James also competing and training alongside me.”

Following a U.S. Track Sprint training camp in Los Angeles and a 30+ hour travel to Jakarta, Indonesia, Marquardt raced the Team Sprint (11th), Women’s Sprint (24th), and Women’s Keirin (25th) at round 1 of the Tissot UCI Track Cycling Nations Cup.

Marquardt set a personal best time of 19.599, as the first rider in the Team Sprint. “The Nations Cup in Indonesia was tough, as the majority of the team dealt with gastro issues and illness. Putting in so much work preparing for a competition and facing challenges that are out of your control is never easy but it felt great to be back racing.”

After another long travel day, the USA track team spent weeks resting and training in Mallorca, Spain before jetting to Cairo, Egypt for round 2 of the Tissot UCI Track Cycling Nations Cup. She competed in the Team Sprint (13th) and Women’s Sprint (17th).

“Having Emily Hayes, a female type 1 starter, was really special. I was P2 and Kayla Hankins rode a strong P3. I’m proud of our efforts and excited to continue building our team sprint this season,” Marquardt said.

The partially open Cairo Velodrome provided a new challenge.  “I qualified 12th in the flying 200m TT. It was challenging to nail down a solid approach with the winds constantly changing direction, but I felt I executed a solid effort,” added Marquardt.

“Sports is all about highs and lows, but ultimately it is about enjoying the process. I am feeling motivated to continue building and eager for a result that reflects my work ethic and commitment.”

The USA track team returned to Los Angeles before heading to Milton, Canada for the third and final round of the Tissot UCI Track Cycling Nations Cup. She competed in the Women’s Sprint (14th) and the Women’s Keirin (13th)

“My husband, James Alvord has also been training and competing alongside me for USA Cycling. Living out of a suitcase since January 4th has been hard, and we certainly miss home,”said Marquardt who just returned home to Pennsylvania, “but we’re together and it has been great to be back racing internationally and training on the indoor velodrome consistently with the U.S. Track Sprint program, now officially based in Los Angeles, California. We are lucky to have such a great facility in the United States.”

After two weeks at home, Marquardt returned to Los Angeles, California before traveling to San Juan, Argentina for the Pan American Track Cycling Championships to capture more Olympic Qualifying points!

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Photo credit: Courtesy of @SWPix_Cycling

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