Paris-Camembert results in another top 10 for TNN

27 March 2024

Three days after sprinting to ninth in La Roue Tourangelle, Matyas Kopecky continued his impressive start to 2024 by finishing tenth in Paris-Camembert earlier today. Team Novo Nordisk is in the middle of a French block of racing and the world’s first all-diabetes cycling team has made sure it’s well represented in the front.  

The race a few days ago threw many challenges at the peloton, including neutralization and today was more of the same.

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“Today was not straightforward as there was a lot for the guys to deal with. Some crosswind action, small roads to contend with which often leads to crashes. This is what happened today. There was a neutralization of 15 kilometers because of the tricky roads along with some heavy rain and really cold weather.”

“Some of our guys went down in the crashes so we will be assessing them ahead of Friday’s race. Matyas was able to dig deep in the final to salvage another great result for us after a few guys managed to get away on the last climb. The guys have been executing a brilliant plan here to bring him into the final and we’ll look to build on it.”

Matyas Kopecky:

“Today was chaotic again. First the crosswinds caused a lot of damage and I didn’t ride it perfectly but still managed to make the front group. When we arrived at the small roads and climbs, the chaos started. There were crashes left right and center. Luckily all of them happened behind me so I was not involved.”

“After the neutralization, the bunch slowly sped up and when we arrived at the local laps it was open gas from 50km to go. I managed to hang on all the climbs but I was on the limit. On the last climb, I found myself in some trouble and a small group jumped away. I could only hope the other riders would close it. It didn’t happen so I was sprinting for 9th place and finished 10th. I’m quite happy after a tough day, especially with the weather and the chaos all day.”

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