Report: Devo team continues campaign in Croatia

07 March 2022

  • Start time: 11:00
  • Avg. speed winner: 44.802 km/h
  • Race category: ME – Men Elite
  • Distance: 155.5 km
  • Points scale: 1.2
  • Parcours: Flat 
  • Vert. meters: 1258m
  • Departure: Porec
  • Arrival: Porec

Daniel HoltTeam Manager

This race plays out the same way every year, a small break goes early and stays clear until the final 40km, then the real race starts. We told the guys to be patient and not take any risks early in the race. Then everyone should work for Justin and Nigel in the sprint. Doriand had a wild card and should try for a bigger break, but also try for the sprint in the end.

Doriand Percrule (FRA):

Today was my first race. Throughout the race, I had great legs and I was always well-positioned to try to be in the breakaway. Unfortunately, the teams didn’t want to let anyone go, so I waited for the sprint while being attentive to my position. In the final, in the last two kilometers, I was caught in a minor fall but I had to make a huge effort to come back. I succeeded but then I had tired legs. I’m really happy with my feelings during this race because I was super good.

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