Sibiu Tour wraps with downtown sprint at sunset

06 July 2021

Head Sports Director Massimo Podenzana:

“We’ve had a great time at Sibiu Cycling Tour and our first time racing in Romania. It was important for us to try and get our message across while we were here, and I think we have done that. With the support of our sponsors Novo Nordisk, we were able to take part in some extra race activities while the guys showed what we can do on the road.”

“David climbed well early in the race on the mountain stages and then he was up there again today after we got caught behind the late crash in the final kilometer. Our intention was to go with Andrea and try for the sprint, but the splits on the last climbs and then the crash meant that David was our best-placed guy. In the end, we have had a positive week and the guys worked well for each other.”

Andrea Peron:

“It’s a shame I couldn’t go for the sprint today I was feeling pretty good and motivated to go for it, but we split on the climbs and then went full gas to get back in but lost the opportunity with the crash. The finish was so technical, we knew that before, but to be honest I thought if we could get back to the front before we entered Sibiu, we would be ok, but it wasn’t to be.”

David Lozano:

“I’m not a sprinter at all, but I tried to hold on in the front group just to hold position and make sure we finished well on GC and I think we did that. We had a good week overall, it’s a hard race, it surprised me how hard it is, but Bora certainly made it a hard week of racing and I’m happy that we could be up there competing and holding our own.”

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