Sprint finish wraps up hot, hot, hot third stage of the Belgium Tour

11 June 2021

Sport Director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“It’s frustrating that we just missed the breakaway today. Oliver attacked first and it didn’t stick, but the next move did, that’s just the way that it goes sometimes. After the breakaway was established, we regrouped and held a good position in the bunch to help Peter and Declan.”

“Logan, Oliver and Sam did great work looking after their teammates today. Logan was back to the cars for bottles even when he was suffering and by his own admission, that gave purpose to his suffering which cannot be underestimated on a hot day like today.”

Oliver Behringer

“I tried to get in the first breakaway straight out of the neutral zone, but unfortunately it didn’t happen, and the bunch regrouped, but only for a moment and the next attacks to spring were what formed the break. There were a lot of twists and turns in the beginning and it wasn’t possible to bridge across.

“After that we made a really good decision as a team to look after Declan and Peter and help each other. So, I was able to recover from the early effort and then do my job for the team with everyone else and prepare for the circuits.

“I think it was key that we worked so well for each other going into the finishing laps, because we were able to keep Declan and Peter up near the front, before Sam and I dropped off on the last lap and rode tempo to the line.”

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