Kusztor and Lozano finish with the first group in an extremely windy stage seven in Turkey.

17 April 2021

Peter Kusztor (HUN)

“We had a very long and tactic stage today with many climbs. On the first climb I had a really good feeling in my legs, which I embraced and helped me to keep going throughout the race. It was very windy though, so we had to stay constantly focused to stay ahead and not lose position.”

“The final was very fast and I arrived in the first group with David. It was a tough day but I am happy with the results and looking forward for the last stage coming tomorrow, hopefully with less wind.”

David Lozano (ESP)

“Today the worst part was the wind. It was extremely strong, at times dangerous and it was really hard to get into position.”

“I am glad Peter and I made it in the first group, keeping up with the high pace of the guys there.”

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