Successful Tour de Pologne for Team Novo Nordisk

04 August 2023

The worlds first all diabetes professional cycling team rounded off a successful week of racing at the Tour de Pologne with Matyas Kopecky producing another strong ride for 12th on the final stage in Krakow.

Team Novo Nordisk enjoyed two stages in the breakaway and a first WorldTour top ten for Kopecky on stage four before ending the week with a positive team performance on the final stage.

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“In general it’s been a good week for us here at the Tour de Pologne, we started well with consecutive breakaway’s with both Filippo and Sam and then after a dip we picked back up again with a fantastic top ten by Matyas on stage four.”

“We almost did it again on today’s last stage, the boys rode really well together and we hit the final circuits in an excellent position with Matyas on the wheel of Andrea. A crash on the last lap held Andrea up and from there Matyas did great work. He found a good wheel on the QuickStep train, but as the sprint opened he was a bit exposed and slipped back to 12th. All in all a positive week for us.”

Matyas Kopecky:

“Really amazing feeling within the team here throughout the last week and we came so close to making it into the top ten again today. The team were solid all day and in the final I was on a really good wheel and for the first time positioned where I thought I needed to be.”

“Let’s keep the emphasis on ‘thought’ here, because as soon as the sprint kicked off it all opened up and I caught some wind. Bang. It was like someone put a wall there. I lost a couple of places and before I knew it I was out of the top ten. I still think that I can find that missing one percent of top end and we’re feeling really good for Denmark, so thank you Poland and Denmark here we come.”

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