Szlakiem Walk Mjr Hubala Kicks Off with 40km Prologue

31 May 2018

Race: Szlakiem Walk Mjr Hubala, prologue

Start/Finish: Kielce/Kielce, Poland

Distance: 40m kilometers

Kielce, Poland — Team Novo Nordisk kicked off the 5-day Szlakiem Walk Mjr Hubala, the team’s only 2018 appearance in Poland, with Thursday’s 40-km prologue in the south central Polish town of Kielce. The race featured twenty 2-km laps down Warszawska street with each stage finishing with a sprint for points.

Andrea Peron:

“Today we started with a new kind of racing, a sort of criterium prologue. We did 20 laps in the city- 1km uphill and 1km downhill. Every lap we needed to do a sprint and earn some points at the first and the second. In the end, the winner was not the guy that crossed the line first but the guy that had the most points.”


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