How is Team Novo Nordisk Changing Diabetes?

07 June 2018

See how Team Novo Nordisk riders are striving to change diabetes in sports, the diabetes community and in their own lives.

Sam Brand:

Being part of the team, you’d see we’re changing diabetes. A family came up to the team bus with their son, who recently diagnosed, they felt a lot happier leaving. It’s a great feeling, helping another human.

Charles Planet:

The people saw us as a rider to beat in the race. We all have type 1 diabetes, but after 5 years, we are all just the same as the other teams. All the media, the other teams, they don’t see us as riders with diabetes, they just see us a rider. 

Quentin Valognes:

When I got diagnosed, my parents were thinking it was their fault. Now I think they are even proud that I am diabetic. Why it’s easy- all parents dream to make the dream of their children come true. It’s what they do.

Fabio Calabria:

Team Novo Nordisk has made me change my perception of racing with diabetes. It’s made me more aware, be a better type 1 diabetic, manage my body better. At the same time it’s made me become more comfortable with it.

I’m not alone. I have 15 other teammates that are along for the ride with me. Together, we are a stronger unit.

There’s something really special about being able to do that.

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