Team Novo Nordisk’s Top Race Videos of Early 2018

12 March 2018

Team Novo Nordisk kicked off the 2018 season at Dubai Tour, against a field of the world’s best riders, and came away winning the Intermediate Sprint jersey. Next, the world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team went handlebar-to-handlebar at the World Tour event, Abu Dhabi Tour, where a TNN rider featured each day in the main breakaway.

Check out our top 5 race videos from the first part of the 2018 season.

5) Stage 3 – Dubai Tour

“It’s good to represent Team Novo Nordisk,” is what French sprinter Quentin Valognes said after a day in the breakaway and a hard run for intermediate sprint points at the Dubai Tour. And what great representation Quentin gave. On a hot day with wicked crosswinds, the TV commentators could not keep their eyes off of the 21-year old from Caen who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 6.

In front of thousands of fans at Dubai’s Silicon Oasis business park, and all over the world on live TV, Team Novo Nordisk broke open 2018 with a message of inspiration, education and empowerment from the saddle of our Colnagos.

4) Chris Williams – Dubai Tour

Bike racing is a tough sport, and veteran pros like Australia’s Chris Williams spend weeks and months each year training their bodies to adapt to the rigors of competition and life on the road. Diabetes is one of many factors that Chris has to manage in order to be successful on the bike, and at the Dubai Tour he took time out of a busy schedule to share some of his data from a stage at the race.

3) Stage 3 – Abu Dhabi Tour

Sam Brand knows a lot about endurance cycling and how to be a top athlete, but the 27-year old is s relative newcomer to professional cycling, with a long career as a top international triathlete behind him. But the man from the Isle of Man is a quick learner, and in the knock-down breakaway group he worked his way into at Abu Dhabi Tour, he found himself face to face with a textbook lesson in how to watch your rivals closely in an intermediate sprint.

2) Stage 4 – Abu Dhabi Tour

Individual time trials are all about speed, aerodynamics and preparation. And that’s where Joonas Henttala put his Colnago K-Zero to the test on stage four of the Abu Dhabi Tour, coming away satisfied at his result against some of the best in the world. But for Joonas, the best part about a time trial in Abu Dhabi was the experience of racing among the avant-garde, post-modern architecture that’s risen up in the UAE’s capital city.

1) Stage 5 – Dubai Tour

French rider Quentin Valognes made Team Novo Nordisk history at Dubai Tour, claiming the overall Intermediate Sprint jersey on the final day of the race.Valognes first dreamed of joining the team when he was 11 and has come up through the TNN pipeline, including Talent ID Camps, Junior and Development programs, to earn his spot on the world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team. His red jersey and trophy are the highest sporting results achieved by the team thus far.

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