Team Type 1 Prepares For Next Class of Global Ambassadors

12 March 2018

Every January, TT1 starts the year off in the most inspiring way possible–by pouring through stacks of Global Ambassador scholarship applications in preparation for the 2018-2019 selection process!

This spring, approximately 170 student-athletes with diabetes will be considered for $140,000 worth of scholarship funding. The purpose of TT1’s scholarship program is two-fold:

  • Offset the cost of diabetes supplies and medication
  • Through mentorship and practical trainings, develop these remarkable young people into the go-to person for diabetes inspiration and empowerment in their local communities

See below for a testimonial that speaks to the power and impact of our Global Ambassadors:

I was invited to speak to a group of students at an alternative high school. The class was studying the “Hero’s Journey.” I was asked to speak about overcoming challenges. 

I had a PowerPoint presentation and didn’t know what to expect. I quickly realized PowerPoint wasn’t going to work with this group. So, I spent the class sharing my story the best way I could. I explained what diabetes is, my diagnosis story and being an athlete with type 1. Afterwards, a few teachers told me that was the most engaged they’d seen their class and that a student approached his teacher asking to share his own story. They knew this student had struggles at home but had never opened up about it before. Now, he wanted to share his story after hearing about how I overcame my challenges. I cannot explain what that meant to me.  

I am thankful to be a part of TT1, and I was reminded why with this class. While I may not have reached every student, I felt connected to them as I shared my story and advice on how to overcome whatever obstacles life throws at them. 

Team Type 1 Global Ambassadors

Maggie, TT1 Global Ambassador

TT1 is proud to send Maggie and her fellow Global Ambassadors out into diabetes communities all over the country. Thank you to our supporters who make this program possible!


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