Team Type 1 Celebrated 15 years!

14 December 2020

On October 2, Team Type 1 celebrated 15 years of proving What’s Possible with diabetes. Can you believe it?!


What started as a grassroots initiative to inspire people with diabetes to better manage their condition has turned into the world’s largest diabetes and sports organization.

With over 200 athletes that span worldwide, we were amazed by the turnout for our first virtual event. Complete with speeches from our founder Phil Southerland and our unique Silent and Live Auction, we were able to ensure that we have the funds to give scholarships to our Global Ambassadors for another year. 


Our mission is to show the world that with proper health, exercise, and equal access to medicine, anyone with diabetes can achieve their dreams. And our programs embrace our mission completely.

We will continue that mission for another 15 years, adding more athletes and more programs that will enable us to spread the word that people with diabetes CAN!


You already know about our Global Ambassador Scholarship Program and our Sustainable Diabetes Program.

New for 2021 will be a new program that encompasses anyone with type 1 diabetes active in sports. Stay tuned for more details about this program and so much more. Team Type 1 wants to go into 2021 with a fresh face and a new outlook on how we can, as a foundation, impact people around the world.  


we strive to dispel the stigma that people with diabetes can’t.




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