The Team Novo Nordisk Pipeline

04 October 2016

Chris Williams (Pro Team): Team Novo Nordisk is unlike any other pro cycling team in that every single rider on our team is living with diabetes.

Ben Dilley (Ambassador): Our ultimate goal is to put the first all-diabetes pro cycling team in the Tour de France by 2021.

Gerd de Keijzer (Pro Team): This means we need to recruit and train young endurance athletes living with diabetes that can become our first Tour de France squad.

Vassili Davidenko (SVP of Athletics): So each year we invite talented athletes living with diabetes from endurance sports like cycling, running and triathlon to visit our Talent ID Camps and find out if they have what it takes to become a professional cyclist.

Scott Ambrose (Ambassador): And race to inspire as part of the first all-diabetes squad to compete at Le Tour.

Phil Southerland (CEO & Co-founder): Our Pro Team pipeline is carefully constructed to transform young, talented athletes into professional cyclists racing with diabetes. And all athletes receive top, professional-level coaching, equipment and medical support that will help to ensure that they reach their full potential in a safe healthy way.

Sam Munday (Junior Team): The best riders from our Talent ID Camps are invited to ride with our Junior Team.

Brais Dacal (Development Team): And the best riders from our Junior Team get the ride with the Development Team.

Stephen Clancy (Pro Team): And the best of the best get a shot to race alongside the world’s top cyclists on our Professional Team.

Do you know a talent endurance athlete living with diabetes? Share this video with them, and encourage them to apply at


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