TNN Development Pushes Through Stage 2 in Redlands

12 April 2024

Stage 2 of the Redlands Bicycle Classic was a tough one for Team Novo Nordisk Development Team. The short but hilly course of the Queen stage challenged the riders.

Development Team General Manager Daniel Holt:

“It was a new course with 20km flat in the city, followed by a 20km climb at 5%, then another 10km flat. To finish it off, there was a brutal 20km climb at 6%. Basically, the riders faced 2200 meters of climbing in one shot!”

“With such a challenging course, there was no room for a specific strategy. Everyone just had to push as hard as they could to stay with the lead group for as long as possible. The short stage meant there was a 20% time cut, so no one could afford to take it easy.”

“Despite the difficulty, the team performed well. All the riders did a great job today. Jacopo (Colladon) even managed to stay with the main group until the final kilometer of the climb!”

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