TNN Devo’s Teamwork Triumphs at the Oldest US Criterium

29 May 2024

The rain came just before the start of the prestigious Tour of Somerville, the oldest criterium race in the USA. This classic event featured a fast, 4-turn, 1.7 km course that required strong teamwork and positioning from Team Novo Nordisk Development Team

The strategy was clear: keep Celestin (Wattelle) near the front of the peloton for a strong sprint finish. Despite the challenging wet conditions, Celestin and Anton (Muller) rode a solid race, staying at the forefront of the pack and working together seamlessly.

Thanks to Anton’s excellent positioning, Celestin was well-prepared for the final sprint. While not quite reaching the podium, Celestin secured a well-deserved top 10 finish

Development Team General Manager Daniel Holt:

“Celestin and Anton rode a good race, always staying toward the front and out of trouble. We are very pleased with the 8th place and motivated for our upcoming race.”

Photo credit: @lastlap_images

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