TNN Meets Inspirational Family at Tour de Pologne

07 August 2017

Team Novo Nordisk was privileged to meet 12-year-old Frank and his father Arthur at stage 6 of Tour de Pologne in Wieliczka

“The day my son was diagnosed everything changed,” Arthur said, while Frank proudly showed the team his insulin pump and CGM. “Peter Sagan is the best, he’s a champion,” he went on to say. “But [Team Novo Nordisk] are heroes. Because everyday you must win against diabetes. Sagan is good, but Team Novo Nordisk is the best.”

While our squad may still have a few more steps in our journey to best Sagan in the sprint, meeting people like Frank and Arthur is what drives us to keep chasing and racing to change diabetes.

Inspirational Family With Diabetes | Tour de Pologne | Team Novo Nordisk

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