TNN prepare for 2022 season at training camp in Alicante, Spain

27 January 2022

Team Novo Nordisk is hard at work in preparation for the season with both the Pro and Devo teams gathered in Spain. Throughout the season, riders typically fly to races from their home basis. A training camp is a great opportunity for team bonding and for athletes to dial-in any new equipment.

The get-together is also an opportunity for partners to spend time with riders and staff in person in keeping communication channels following.

This season the team has switched to Argon 18 as bicycle partner and riders have been riding between 4 to 6 hours to get their equipment spot on. Recovery rides last up to 2 hours.

Team performance staff also put the riders through lactate testing in order to determine each rider’s lactate threshold, so they train in accurate zones.

After training, coaching, sports directors and media training take place. Coaches and sports directors meet with individual riders to determine a race schedule for the upcoming season.

Getting a cycling team to races across multiple countries is a logistical challenge that takes a lot of planning. The camp is also an opportunity for staff to plan the most efficient way trucks, vehicles, equipment and staff will get to the upcoming races.

The days are ticking down to our season debut in Tour of Antalya in Turkey. We hope you’ll be cheering us on this season once again as we Drive Change in Diabetes.

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