TNN Talks: Jason Cyr

04 December 2017

You might have known that Elite cyclist Jason Cyr is a Battalion Executive Officer who lives in West Virginia, and that he was diagnosed with diabetes while deployed with the U.S. Army. But did you know that Jason eats the same food before every race and his dream is someday go heli-biking in New Zealand?

Below, Jason “Cry” shares a few things you may not know in this edition of TNN Talks.

Favorite food when traveling:


Favorite food from your home country:

That’s a tie between Lobster and cheese burgers.

Favorite musician/band:

It’s a tie between Bob Dylan and NOFX. 

Do you use a pen or pump?

I currently use a pen, but I’ve used a pump in the past.

Anyone else in your family with diabetes?

No, I’m the only one.

Team Novo Norkisk 2017 Alicante Training Camp

Favorite movie:

“Red Dawn”

Last book you read:

“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien.

Worst way someone has mispronounced your name:

Jason “Cry”…LOL

Any pre-race rituals?

Oh yeah- I eat the same food and do my warm up exactly the same for each race.

Favorite cyclist growing up:

Greg Lemond.

Favorite race:

Any of the local West Virginia (WVMBA series) races as well as U.S. National Championships.


Biggest hero in life:

Definitely my Mom.

Favorite hobby off the bike:

Backcountry skiing and rock climbing.

Night owl or early riser:

Both: It depends on the moment.

Favorite ice cream flavor:

Mint Chocolate chip.

Favorite spot to get coffee:

Tip Top Coffee in Thomas, West Virginia. Best pour over ever!

Favorite place you’ve visited:

Kenya and Afghanistan are my favorites.

Country you’d most like to holiday in:


Languages spoken:

English and French.

Favorite quote:

“Sua Sponte”, which is Latin for: “Of your own accord”.

Top “Bucket List” Item:

Heli-biking in New Zealand.

Heli-biking is using a helicopter to get you and your bike to far off, high-elevation trails systems. It basically takes a lot of the climbing out of the ride and allows for maximum downhill fun on mountain bikes!

Where people can follow you:

Instagram: @NovoJC

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