TNN Talks: Fabio Calabria

15 August 2017

You might have known that Pro rider Fabio Calabria is an Italian-Australian who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and that he won Colorado Classic’s 2017 Most Aggressive Rider jersey. But did you know that Fabio also grew up idolizing Miguel Indurain, tries to make sure his socks are perfect before racing and always keeps it “above the hard deck”?

Below, “Fabrio Calamari” shares a few things you may not know in this edition of TNN Talks.

Favorite food when traveling:

When traveling, I’m big fan of cereal- of all kinds type and flavors. 

Favorite food from your home country:

Anything that my mum cooks.

Favorite musician/band:

I’m a big fan of electronic music, and that’s what I listen to most of the time.

However, I like all music and really appreciate good quality music and musicians.

Do you use a pen or pump?

I use a pen. In the past, I’ve used pumps too. I was the third child in Canberra, Australia, to go on a pump when I was newly diagnosed. 

Anyone else in your family with diabetes?

I am the only one in my family with diabetes.

Fabio Calabria | TNN Talks | Team Novo Nordisk

Favorite movie:

My favorite has to be “Top Gun”.

Last book you read:

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. My fiancée is a big Harry Potter Fan.

Worst way someone has mispronounced your name:

I got “Fabrio Calamari” during a track race in Goulburn, Australia.

Any pre-race rituals?

I have to make sure that my socks are just so.

Sometimes I’ll even take off my shoes on the start line to adjust them and make sure everything is good to go.

Favorite cyclist growing up:

Miguel Indurain. I grew up watching the Tour de France when he was at his peak.

I can still remember sitting around our tiny TV watching 30-minute highlights with mum and dad.

Favorite race:

Tour de Beauce.

Biggest hero in life:

My parents. I never went without anything while I was growing up, and they continue to by my biggest supporters.

Favorite hobby off the bike:

Adventures with my fiancée, anything relating to music and good people.

Night owl or early riser:

I’m definitely a night owl. Waking up in the mornings is one of my greatest challenges.

Favorite ice cream flavor:

Pecan praline and cream.

Favorite spot to get coffee:

Double Shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s close to my house and has some amazing coffee.

Favorite place you’ve visited:

Abruzzo and Calabria in Italy. Those are the regions where my family is from, so it was nice to be able to see where my grandparents grew up. 

Country you’d most like to holiday in:

Japan. I’ve only ever heard amazing things about Japan from anyone who’s gone there

Languages spoken:

English/Australian and Italian.20170129_RV_634506

Favorite quote:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Top “Bucket List” Item:

I don’t really have a “bucket list”, instead I try to enjoy every experience that I have and take things as they come.

Where people can follow you:

Twitter: @FabioCalabria

instagram: @fabiocalabria51

(Photos: @TDWSport/VeloImages)

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