Tour du Limousin starts with a roller in the hills around Sainte-Feyre

17 August 2021

Head Sports Director Massimo Podenzana:

“Apart from the early breakaway the race stayed together until we hit the final 60 kilometers and that’s where the speed ramped up. Andrea and David were within the bunch until the final 30 kilometers and then they slipped out of the back as the sharp ramps took their toll.”

“It can be tough backing up after coming in straight from a hard race like Denmark and I’d love for us to get over that the next few days and show what we can do. I have faith and confidence in these guys, I know what they can do. Now we just need to show everyone else.”

Andrea Peron:

“I’m quite frustrated with how today went to be honest. Despite the travel and having just finished the Tour of Denmark I felt ok and it was only the final third of the race where David and I dropped back.”

“My numbers are good even though the pace is high this year and I know that I’m training and preparing as well as I always have. I trust the process and I hope that tomorrow plays out better for us than today.”

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