Glycemic responses to strenuous training in male professional cyclists with type 1 diabetes: a prospective observational study

11 August 2020

BY Olivia McCarthy at Swansea University, UK

What was the purpose of this research?

  • Although there is much research on the physiological and nutritional demands of elite cyclists, our understanding of these factors in the context of athletes with type 1 diabetes is much less established. 

What did we research? 

  • This paper explored the dietary, bodily and glycemic demands of a 9-day training camp of 16 male professional cyclists with type 1 diabetes. 
  • To do this, the Research Team monitored food intake, glucose (using Dexcom G6) and a number of variables related to the physical demands of the training rides (e.g. distance covered, speed, elevation, temperature, energy expenditure). 

What did we find?

  • The athletes spent the majority of their time during the training sessions in target glycemic range (4-10 mmol/l). 
  • However, following daily, strenuous cycling training, there was a tendency for riders to spend a greater amount of time with low glucose levels during the night. 
  • If the riders experienced hypoglycemia during the night, this was associated with increased risk of hypoglycemia the following day.


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