Introduction to Team Novo Nordisk Research Group

04 March 2020

The Team Novo Nordisk Research Group are working closely with our riders to better understand how they are able to compete against the best day in, day out while managing their diabetes. The internal TNN Group will be led by our new Head of Research Dr. Sam Scott, alongside the Head of Performance, Dr. Federico Fontana, Head Team Doctor, Dr. Peter Lagrou, and Charlotte Hayes, Head of Diabetes, Wellness and Education.


The Research Group Mission Statement:

To develop and use evidence-based research to help people living with diabetes to push the boundaries of what is possible


So far, the Research Group have been systematically observing current TNN practices during races and training using technology such as continuous glucose monitors and smart insulin pens. Following this, they will be conducting interventions aimed at optimizing areas related to performance and diabetes management, investigating factors such as nutrition, training regimes or insulin dosing. The Research Group will also be exploring unique ways to share the data they have generated so that the wider diabetes community has access to this information.

Sam Scott, Head of Research for TNN, said, “I’m honored to be part of this project which promises to increase our understanding of exercise and diabetes. I am particularly looking forward to working closely with the athletes and then providing regular updates on our research. We hope that this work can then be used by health care professionals to encourage the wider type 1 diabetes community to be more physically active.”



The Internal TNN Research Group collaborate closely with experts who have various specialties relating to exercise, type 1 diabetes, metabolism and endocrinology from Swansea University (UK), York University (Canada), University of Graz (Austria), and the University of Bern (Switzerland). The Research Team welcome potential collaborations from researchers that are also interested in working with the team.

Peter Lagrou, Team Doctor said: “It is a pleasure and a great experience to be part of this research and at the same time being able to link to the medical team to see what we can use in the field for the daily management of our riders. Both challenging and amazing.”

Federico Fontana, Head of Performance for TNN said: “Seeking the marginal gains is our daily challenge. It’s an attitude. Moving our limits requires knowledge, experience and intuition; those are the ingredients. Science is the recipe. The quality control system. The scientific approach that TNN Research Group will enable us to shape a better decision making practice in everything that might have a potential impact on rider’s health and performance; from training, testing, monitoring rider’s to glucose management, psychology and nutrition. In a way to be effective, safe, time and cost efficient. Supporting our staff and our athletes with the latest ground-breaking research regarding exercise and diabetes will optimize the way we all work together to help push the boundaries of what is possible”.

In the upcoming months, the Research Team will be placing a particular focus on post exercise recovery and the association between sleep and performance. They will also investigate how factors such as travel, and changes climate including humidity, extreme heat and altitude influence strategies that the riders use to manage their glucose.

The Research Team will provide regular updates on their exciting work and new findings via the TNN website and Twitter page. Stay tuned!


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