Removing Barriers: How Far/High Can you go?

17 June 2020

Data is at the hearth of Team Novo Nordisk. It guides our thinking and informs our decisions.


We are a data-driven organisation and as data grows centrally in our professional lives, the practice of data visualisation becomes paramount to increase the visibility and value of our project. It allows to connect with each other, to be exposed to new ideas and innovative thinking and as a knowledge exchange professional home. It empowers Team Novo Nordisk mission.


Our community will grow by engaging and encouraging what data represents. This is why the Team Novo Nordisk’ Research Group used the data we routinely collect to raise TNN data identity while supporting its mission of empowering people with diabetes.


Explore the below graph to discover more about the share effort, dedication and willpower needed when racing and training with diabetes!


Click here for full screen view.





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