The Competitive Athlete with Type 1 Diabetes

11 August 2020

Published: June 2020

Authors: Michael C. Riddell, Sam N. Scott, Paul A. Fournier, Sheri R. Colberg, Ian W. Gallen, Othmar Moser, Christoph Stettler, Jane E. Yardley, Dessi P. Zaharieva, Peter Adolfsson & Richard M. Bracken

Paper: The competitive athlete with type 1 diabetes

Some of the most inspiring individuals living with type 1 diabetes are those who can manage their diabetes while competing in sporting events at the local, national and/or international level. 

However, despite significant advances in insulins and supportive technology, the day-today burden of managing type 1 diabetes on a daily basis remains somewhat onerous, even for these exceptional individuals, given the associated tasks of monitoring glucose, carbohydrate counting, insulin dosing, and managing stress and sick days, particularly in the setting of physical training and competition.

Ongoing research is increasingly focusing on the unique physiology of such high-level athletes with type 1 diabetes, while also investigating how new insulin analogues and other therapeutic agents/technologies that might improve their glycaemic management. 

This review, published in Diabetologia, highlights the challenges of high-level training and competition in athletes with type 1 diabetes and identifies some of the knowledge gaps that limit our capacity to provide evidence-based strategies to optimise performance.


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