Celestin Wattelle

Frouzins, Toulouse, France
2024_January Camp_CH_A7R0774


DOB 15-05-2003



“The most important thing is to keep a positive attitude, because if you think positive everything is easier and achievable.”


The youngest of four siblings, Celestin Wattelle grew up watching his brothers ride bikes and immediately wanted to try. Racing since he was a junior, Wattelle has now made it to Team Novo Nordisk Development team for 2022.

Sharing the same coach as TNN pro rider Mehdi Benhamouda, Wattelle was recommended to attend the 2021 Talent ID camp in Caen, France and after a great experience shared with young athletes who all compete with type 1 diabetes Wattelle took the first step to making his dream come true with selection to the TNN Devo team.

The first person in his family to be diagnosed with diabetes, Wattelle was 12-years-old and fortunate to have a supportive family and doctor who told him that with the right diabetes management his sporting ambitions need not be restricted.

A junior French champion on the track in 2019, Wattelle is a keen photographer in his spare time and is currently studying sports science in Toulouse and enjoys listening to and playing music.