Rounder and Climber

DOB 21-01-1992



“Nothing is impossible.”


Taiwan-based cyclist Susu (Gansu Hsu) joined the Team Novo Nordisk ambassador program in 2023.

A fascination with the Chinese language from childhood led her to immerse herself in its study after high school, ultimately deciding to make Taiwan her home.

Susu was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13. Initially resistant to the diagnosis, the support of her doctor and family helped her to embrace the challenge and she quickly learned to adapt to her new condition. A few years later, her father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and since then they are sharing this journey together.

According to Susu, the best advice after her diagnosis came from her doctor. He recommended her to incorporate sport into her daily routine to help with blood glucose management, and that’s how her athletic journey started.

Despite her first successes in cycling competitions, the feeling of being seen as different or being asked questions, led her to pursue her cycling path hiding her condition.

During the Tour of Taiwan in 2023 Susu met Team Novo Nordisk’ pro riders in person and joined an event to watch with them the Ride for Your L1fe documentary. In her own words “it was a life-changing moment. The team and the documentary inspired me to do better things with my condition.” This meeting gave her the confidence to share her journey with type 1 diabetes openly with her family, friends and fans.

Away from the bike, Susu enjoys hiking and jogging.