A Tough Day for TNN Development Team at Tour of Rhodes

16 March 2024

The Team Novo Nordisk Development Team is back in the saddle, this time taking on the Tour of Rhodes. The race kicked off with a short but punchy uphill prologue on wet roads.

Next, they continued with the first stage, a 148-kilometer route with 1,828 meters of climbing, which made it quite a challenge.

Development Team General Manager Daniel Holt:

“I told everyone to try for the early break in hopes of taking the first sprint points and hopefully getting a 4-5 minute advantage before the first big climb. After that, it was survival mode. The objective then shifted to reaching the middle climb with the strongest possible group and then aiming to win the reduced bunch sprint at the finish.”

“All the guys did well today. Kobe (Godts) dug deep and was able to make it back to the peloton after the climb, ultimately securing the team’s best finish for the stage. We now set our sights on the remaining stages of the tour.

Photo credit: Nassos Triantafyllou

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