Team Novo Nordisk Receives Wildcard Invitation to the Abu Dhabi Tour

24 January 2017

Team Novo Nordisk announced today that it received a wildcard invitation to Abu Dhabi Tour (February 23-26). The team is delighted to receive its third RCS wildcard invitation for the 2017 season and plans to bring a motivated squad for its Abu Dhabi Tour debut. Reactions from Team Novo Nordisk CEO and co-founder Phil Southerland and General Manager Vassili Davidenko below:

Team Novo Nordisk CEO and Co-founder Phil Southerland:
It is almost impossible to accurately express our gratitude and excitement in receiving our third World Tour wildcard invitation from RCS in the past seven days. Racing at the Abu Dhabi Tour allows us to continue spreading our mission of inspiring, educating and empowering everyone affected by diabetes on a global level.

An estimated one-in-five people in the United Arab Emirates have diabetes. According to the World Health Organization, globally five million people die each year from diabetes and its complications. The WHO stresses a healthy diet combined with regular physical activity to reduce these risks. A World Tour race with the stature of the Abu Dhabi Tour serves as a platform to spread this message of a healthy, active lifestyle to all the people whoneedmotivation to get out and exercise.

Team Novo Nordisk General Manager Vassili Davidenko:
This invitation is a true honor. The Abu Dhabi Tour will serve as Team Novo Nordisk’s second World Tour stage race, which shows our continued progress and steady growth as an all-diabetes squad. In its third edition, the Abu Dhabi Tour is quickly becoming one ofthestandout early season races. Like all RCS events, it is well organized and this particularly race features a dynamic race profile with several sprint stages and some middle mountains to test early season form. We plan to bring an experienced, aggressive squad who will be seeking results.

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