Charles Planet checks in from camp

04 February 2021

Team Novo Nordisk is currently undergoing a pre-season training camp in Altea, Spain. Charles Planet lets us know how it has been going.

How has the camp been and what sort of riding have you been doing?

We’ve been doing a lot of endurance rides and some testing. Due to the COVID situation, our races are still far away so we have time to do high intensity work in the coming weeks. We’ve done some long rides in beautiful scenery here in Altea, Spain.

What is the longest ride you’ve done?

I did 200 kilometers yesterday. It was the first 200 km of the season. It’s not often that I will do that kind of distance in training but it was a good time to do it, especially in 23 degrees Celsius (73 Fahrenheit).

How did you feel after the ride?

I felt good actually. Of course, tired, but a good tiredness. I had a good feeling and we had a beautiful day and the legs are getting there.

What was the terrain like?

At the moment the coaches don’t want us to do too many long climbs, we still had 3800 meters of climbing on yesterday’s long ride but it was shorter climbs, up and down which made it a solid day because there’s pressure on the pedals all day.     

What about off the bike, what have you been doing at camp? A lot of testing with the coaches?

We’ve been doing some testing, we’ve had meetings with nutritionists, social media training and updates about COVID and the coming season. We’ve had some rest too and good times with the team.

Have you planned your racing schedule?

Yeah, I have an idea of what’s coming. I should start in Trofeo Laigueglia (3 March) and hopefully we will get a wildcard for Milano San Remo. I’ll have mostly European races for the beginning of the season but we will take it month by month with the pandemic. Even if the season is starting pretty late, we should have a solid season.

How does it feel to train through winter when you’re not quite sure what the target will be with all the uncertainty? Does it make it harder?

It’s hard mentally but I am trained to stay positive. I’m enjoying my life at the moment, riding my bike in the sun of Spain. Things can be tough but at the moment I am healthy and happy in my life so I just stay positive.   

Is it good to be back with the team after three months away during the off season?

Yeah it was super to see them again. I missed the training camp in Greece so it was a long time without them. It was cool to see each other and again do some good teamwork before the first races. The stronger we are as a team, the better it will be in the races so it’s really important that we’re together and all are friends.

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