Exercise tips from Team Novo Nordisk professional athletes

30 November 2021

Winter is setting in in the northern hemisphere and low temperatures can put a damper on your exercise routine. However, setting targets and hitting them through perseverance can be very rewarding.

Exercise goals mean different things to different people. To some, it could be running your first 5 kilometers. To others, it could be completing a 200-kilometer bike ride before the year is done. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, at Team Novo Nordisk, we encourage healthy lifestyles through exercise.

We asked some of the TNN professional athletes for their best advice for sticking to an exercise routine.

“Beginning a new journey can be intimidating, so definitely keep an open-mind to enjoying the new process,” says track star Mandy Marquardt.

“Try connecting with local bike shops for group rides and even exploring Facebook groups and Zwift rides to get connected with others nearby and from around the world. Have fun and mix it up during the winter with yoga, pilates and even weight training — these all benefit the bike and your mind.”

Marquardt says setting short and long-term goals help be accountable and motivated. “A few years ago, I created a vision board with my family. This was a fun and easy way to get creative and be inspired.”

Gerd de Keijzer also says setting goals encourages accountability. “Set small goals towards the bigger picture. For example, if you want to achieve 200km on the bike, do 50 first. Then build to 75, if you’re comfortable with that go, to a 100km and so on. Achieving small goals is good for morale and keeps you going towards the big end goal.”

De Keijzer says finding a training buddy or group can make long sessions in bad weather feel like it goes faster.

For Stephen Clancy, the key is to do training that you enjoy. “Exercise that you enjoy is better than none at all. Having fun is motivating. Be realistic and set achievable targets. Succeeding at accomplishing smaller goals is more motivating than aiming too high and failing.”

So, when are you starting and what is your goal?

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