Matyas Kopecky set for pro debut in Greece

17 March 2022

The youngest member of the Team Novo Nordisk Pro Team, Matyas Kopecky, will make his debut as a professional in Greece this week. The 19-year-old has been selected for the International Rhodes Grand Prix one-day race and International Tour of Rhodes stage race.

Kopecky enjoyed a successful 2021 where he won the Czech Republic junior national championship road race. The result came days after he missed out on the gold medal in the time trial by only three seconds.

He says he is curious to see the level of the pro ranks and how he can adapt to it.

“I’m looking forward to getting started and seeing what the level of the racing is. I’ve been very curious and asked a lot of guys my age who’ve already done this level of racing what it’s like. I want to learn how the team works together in high intensity racing. It will be an exciting 10 days,” Kopecky said.

Despite a setback in February where he had to overcome Covid-19, he says the winter has been good, and he is returning to his pre-illness form.

“I’ve overcome it and I’m on the way to my old form. From November to now, that’s been the only setback, so training has been going really well. I’ve made big progress if you look at previous years, so I want to try the legs in a race.”

Racing with Team Novo Nordisk is unique as the team looks to inspire, educate and empower millions living with diabetes across the world. Kopecky says not many people knew he lives with type 1 diabetes until he joined the team. He says racing for a higher purpose will be something special.  

“I get a few messages from young people living with diabetes and kids who want to ride their bikes. They’re always asking me questions and it’s nice to have them approach me. To have people asking me for advice is special because I hope to be an example to them. This is some of the highest things you can achieve in sport. It’s beautiful,” he concluded.  

The International Rhodes Grand Prix takes place on 20 March while the International Tour of Rhodes will be raced over several days from 24 – 27 March.

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