Team Novo Nordisk & the Road to the Tour de France

01 July 2016

Team Novo Nordisk’s ultimate goal is to send an all-diabetes roster to the Tour de France by the year 2021, the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin and of life for people with diabetes.

Racing an all-diabetes pro cycling team at the Tour de France has never been done before, so our project is a work in progress.

We’re helping to break new ground in diabetes and sports, and the things we’re learning today will hopefully make it easier for the next generation of athletes to get out there and exercise.

We want to create a defining moment in the history of diabetes and inspire a generation to pursue their dreams- whatever they may be.

We put some lofty long-term goals in place, but we’ve established yearly benchmarks to track our progress. A major benchmark will be sending Team Novo Nordisk to a Grand Tour, such as the Giro D’Italia or the Vuelta D’España, en route to our ultimate dream of the Tour de France.

Naturally, there will be some ups and downs throughout the season, but we’re ok as long as we show progress towards our long-term goals.

We have either proven we can go all the way, or we’ve proven that you can get extremely far. And in any normal life, you should never be constrained by having diabetes.

But to get there we need to recruit young endurance athletes living with diabetes that we can train to reach the Tour de France.

Do you know a talented endurance athlete living with diabetes? Encourage them to join us at!

Our team is getting stronger every day, and we believe it’s possible.

Do you believe we can do it?

Join us on our journey, and find out.

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