TNN Talks: Scott Ambrose

13 July 2016

You might have known that Pro rider Scott Ambrose earned Team Novo Nordisk’s first-ever victory in 2015, when he won stage 2 of the Tour de Filipinas, but did you know Scott is also a huge rugby fan and that he loves coffee and something called ‘Hokey Pokey’?

Below, the New Zealander shares a few things you may not know in our first edition of TNN Talks.

Favorite food when traveling: 

My favorite food when travelling is coffee. I LOVE it, and it helps with all of the jet lag, cures my bad moods and it’s a good way to socialize.

You can’t go wrong with a good muffin or carrot cake either.

Favorite food from your home country:

My favorite food when back at home is anything my mum cooks me.

Whenever I come home it’s always nice to have a home cooked meal with the family. Coming back from a race, where the majority of meals are buffets with rice or pasta, it’s always nice to come home to something that hasn’t been made in bulk for a lot of cyclists.

I love a good roast dinner!  

Favorite musician/band:

I don’t really have a favorite band. Most of my friends will know I find a few good songs and play them on repeat until I get sick of them, and then I repeat the process with another set of songs.

My friends used to laugh at me because my training playlist had 10 songs, and I would train for hours with those songs!

Do you use a pen or pump? 

I have used a pen ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2013.

Does anyone else in your family have diabetes?

My granddad’s got type one diabetes. He’s been living with the condition ever as long as I can remember.

TNN Talks: Scott Ambrose

Scott Ambrose at the 2016 Tour de Filipinas

Favorite movie:

There are many movies I like; but I don’t like to watch movies twice, so it’s hard to have a favorite. 

I love comedies, but I usually just watch what my teammate Chris Williams tells me is good. Chris just taught me this year how to download TV shows and movies on my computer! 

Last book you read:

The last book I read was about a rugby player in New Zealand named Corey Jane, called “Winging It”. I am a huge rugby fan, so it was a good book!

 I like to read biographies and fiction books. 

Worst way someone has mispronounced your name: 

A lot of people pronounce my name “Scott Ambrosey”.

Any re-race rituals?

I don’t have too many pre-race rituals, but I like to ensure my caffeine levels are topped up!

Favorite cyclist growing up:

It would have been Gordon McCauley, my former coach. He was the New Zealand Champion when he first started coaching me, and we have had some good times training together. 

He was always my motivation to improve, so I could keep up in training and eventually race with him- although he always knew a way to outsmart me in the finish!

Favorite race:

I have a few favorite races…

Competing in Cadel Evans Road Race this year was a very cool race. We don’t race in New Zealand, so to be able to race in Australia and have my family fly over and see me race was a special occasion.

I also like PostNord Danmark Rundt (Tour of Denmark). It was the first race I did with the team in 2014, when I was just 19, and to have made the breakaway on the queen stage holds a special place in my memories.

Biggest hero in life:

It has to be my granddad. He has taught me so much in life. He has showed me that living with diabetes doesn’t have to hold you back from chasing your dreams.

Growing up and seeing him never say no to anything or using his diabetes as an excuse is inspiring to me. He shows me I can be successful.

Favorite hobby off the bike:

Being with my friends, doing anything other than cycling. I don’t often see my friends, so when I am not training I like to do different activates with them, being active.

Whether it’s the golf range, playing pool or going to the beach, it’s always a good time and thinking about other stuff than cycling.

Night owl or early riser:

Anyone who knows me I am 100% an early riser.

I am always the first to breakfast at races or waiting around to go training. No matter what time I go to bed, I always seem to wake up early and cannot sleep in. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse!

Favorite ice cream flavor:

A New Zealand special, Hokey Pokey, which consists of vanilla with lumps of honeycomb toffee!

Favorite spot to get coffee:

La Fabrica in Girona, Spain, is always a winner when I’m at my base in Europe!

In New Zealand, I have a little local stop called the “Pink Lady”, midway through a 5-hour training loop. I got to know the lady who runs it pretty well during training blocks, and now she starts preparing my coffee when I roll in and usually has fresh baked scones as an energy boost to help me make it home.

Favorite place you’ve visited:

I have been fortunate enough to visit some amazing places with Team Novo Nordisk. A few that spring to mind are Aspen, Colorado, Livigno, Italy, and the French Alps!

For when I’m not training, my favorite place I have visited would have to be Cozumel, Mexico!


Country you’d most like to holiday in:

The Maldives for a relaxing holiday on a suite over the water. I would also love to go to New York!

Languages spoken:


Favorite quote: 

“Fall down 7 times, Get up 8”.22

Top “Bucket List” item:

To race the Tour de France or a Grand Tour is on top of the list. To be able to compete in one of these races as part of Team Novo Nordisk would be a dream. To be able to change the way people think about diabetes and make history with the team.

Where people can follow you:

Facebook: @scottambrosecyclist

Twitter: @ScottAmbrose2

Instagram: @scottyambrose



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