Team Novo Nordisk Development team back to racing in Turkey at the Grand Prix Develi

04 September 2020

Date: September 3, 2020

Race: Grand Prix Develi

Start/Finish: Develi, Turkey

Distance: 121km

Weather: Hot 98degrees, light wind, very dry

Course: 100km of rolling terrain, 20km climb

Riders: 72

Class: UCI 1.2


Lucas Dauge (FRA)

“I’m very happy to be back racing with the team after the COVID-19 break. The race was hard today – we had such a hot weather and the pace was high. At the end I had to deal with lots of cramps too, but I am satisfied with my results.

A big thank you goes to all my teammates for their support today and to the Team Novo Nordisk staff. Their constant help throughout these months has been essential to maintain good conditions and get a top 10 today.”


Daniel Holt (USA)

“Today’s idea was to be a bit cautious with it being the “first” race of the season, being at altitude, super dry air, and the temperature hovering around 99 degrees. The course had 90km of semi-flat terrain and a 20km climb to the finish. The guys should be attentive to big breaks early, then work to set Lucas up for the final climb. 

Sadly, the guys missed the first break of 12 riders but they made a couple good moves to try to bridge. We had the team do as much pace setting as they could but weren’t able to close the gap much before blowing up. In the end Lucas was able get to the climb in a small group and climb his way to 9th place.

I was very impressed with Lucas’ ride today. He’s showing that the hard work on and off the bike that he’s put in over the break is really paying off. Great result!”



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