Team Novo Nordisk Development Team Wraps Up the Visit South Aegean Islands

03 March 2024

Team Novo Nordisk Development Team continued their strong showing at the Visit South Aegean islands, putting in another solid performance on the second and final stage. The route covered 168 kilometers with 1843 meters of climning.

Development Team General Manager Daniel Holt:

“We tried to position Louis-Marie (Posnic) and Anton (Muller) well for the final climbs today. Louis-Marie had a good chance of finishing in the top 10 of the GC, as he was only 18 seconds behind the leader.”

“The team rode very well today. No one was in danger of falling behind at any point during the race. Guys even formed a lead-out train to get Louis-Marie and Anton into a good position for the final climbs! This is a positive confidence boost for the start of the season.”

“However, Anton, Louis-Marie, and Jacopo, while climbing well, weren’t able to match the explosive final efforts from other teams. But overall, it was a great race for the beggining of our season.”

Photo credit: Nassos Triantafyllou

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