Team Novo Nordisk partner with Argon 18 through 2023

15 December 2021

Team Novo Nordisk proudly announced today that their riders will be racing on Argon 18 bikes for the next two years, taking the UCI ProTeam through to the end of the 2023 season. The Canadian brand is no stranger to the professional peloton and brings with it a wealth of experience across the highest level of competition on the road, track and triathlon.

Founded in 1989 in Montreal and working at the forefront of full carbon fiber frame technology since 2000, it’s fair to say that the world’s first all diabetes professional cycling team will be in safe hands.

“We are very excited to be entering into a new partnership with Argon 18,” said TNN General Manager Vassili Davidenko. “It’s always a special feeling to be starting a new season on brand new bikes, especially when it’s a technical partner of the caliber of Argon 18 who, it’s fair to say, have become a byword for speed and quality at the highest level, both on the road and on the track.”

“The competitive experience of Argon 18 in these different pursuits, road, track and triathlon give the brand huge technical insight and expertise that they are constantly putting back into their research & development. This means that our guys will get the best of the most cutting-edge technology around and we are sure that those gains will be of huge importance to us come race day.”

With 2022 set to be a season packed full of race days for TNN from February through to November, the new partnership sets the perfect platform to get off to a flying start with the unique message of Team Novo Nordisk to drive change in diabetes now being carried around the world on Argon 18 bikes.

“This partnership marks a new chapter for Argon 18, as we partner with athletes and initiatives that really inspire us as a company,” said Argon 18 CEO, Martin LeSauteur. “We’ve always challenged ourselves to provide the highest level of performance for our riders, and now we’re able to work directly with riders who overcome challenges at a very personal level. What the Team Novo Nordisk riders achieve is incredible. We hope to see more people inspired by these athletes.”

“We want to contribute to growing awareness about prioritising health, and celebrating those who challenge themselves at this level, like the riders of Team Novo Nordisk,” concluded Argon 18 Chairman, Henrik Lyngbye Pedersen. “We can support that with our products and knowledge. We would like to see even more people ride together, extend relationships, have a purpose in their training and live stronger, healthy lives. The partnership between TNN and Argon 18 brings 100 years of history together in one mission. With Novo Nordisk being from my home of Denmark, and the discovery of insulin in Argon 18’s home of Canada, this partnership is strengthened through our combined heritage.”

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