TNN Devo’s second day at Istrian Spring Trophy

12 March 2022

Sergey Lagutin, Head coach, Sport Director:

“Was a very easy classic stage, flat with some hills at the end. Sacha, Jacopo and Louis were very motivated to go in the early breakaway today but it didn’t work out. Breakaway was gone after 40km with two riders and they got 5 min max, no one was chasing them so these two guys made it to the finish by 40sec.” 

Louis Evans (UK):

“The first stage saw a fast start with alot of teams looking for the early break. Sacha and I both tried but nothing was materialising. 2 riders managed to get up the road after 40km and eventually win the stage. The pace in the final was fast with the selection coming on the last climb 10km until the finish. Doriand and Celestin positioned well to come into the final with the main group.”

Date: 11th March 2022

Start time: 11:00

Avg. speed winner: 43.541 km/h

Race category: ME – Men Elite

Distance: 153 km

Points scale: 2.2.Stage

Parcours type: Flat out and some hills

Credits: Mario Stiehl

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