Devo Race Report – Istrian Spring Trophy – Prologue

11 March 2022

  • Date: 10 March 2022
  • Start time: 11:00
  • Avg. speed winner: 49.541 km/h
  • Race category:ME – Men Elite
  • Distance:1.5 km
  • Points scale:2.2.Stage
  • Parcours type:¬†Flat out and back
  • ProfileScore:0
  • Vert. meters:42
  • Departure:Vrsar
  • Arrival:Vrsa

Daniel Holt – Team Manager

A very simple and boring prologue. 1.5km with two 180 degree turns on an aeroplane runway. There wasn’t any strategy to speak of other than going full gas as long as you could.

Celestin Wattelle (FRA)

Today’s prologue was very short and made difficult by a strong wind, so it was essential to manage our effort as well as possible to be able to set the best time possible.

Photo credits: @mariostiehl

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