Top Race Videos of Summer 2019

12 September 2019

Team Novo Nordisk achieved a new milestone this summer when Charles Planet won the team’s first ever World Tour jersey in the 2019 edition of Tour de Pologne. In the same race Andrea Peron sprinted to 8th on Stage 3 thereby notching the second top 10 result for the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team at a World Tour level. Watch the best videos of the past three months of great success for Team Novo Nordisk:

1) Tour of Slovenia – Stage 5

Team Novo Nordisk made its debut appearance in the star-studded Tour of Slovenia and left its mark with Charles Planet proudly showing the Changing Diabetes at the front of the race in two breakaway attempts.

2) Adriatica Ionica Race – Stage 1

Taking place in northern Italy, the Adriatica Ionica Race was a challenging stage race that put Team Novo Nordisk to the test. Stage 1 was especially memorable as the team tackled over 30 km of gravel successfully with local talent Umberto Poli flying the flag for the team in the breakaway.

3) Tour de Pologne – Stage 2

August was an unforgettable month for Team Novo Nordisk starting at the Tour de Pologne where Charles Planet seized the King of the Mountains Jersey on Stage 1 after a breakaway effort and took it one step further on Stage 2 taking the lead in the “Most Active Rider” competition.

4) Tour de Pologne – Stage 7

Team Novo Nordisk concluded the Tour de Pologne with a historic achievement when Charles Planet brought home the “Most Active Rider” jersey, the team’s first ever World Tour jersey after fighting for it on four breakaway performances. Planet also wore the King of the Mountains jersey for four days and his teammate Andrea Peron sprinted to eighth place on Stage 3, taking the second World Tour top 10 result in a stage in the team’s seven year history.

5) PostNord Danmark Rundt – Tour of Denmark – Stage 4

In its seventh consecutive appearance at the PostNord Danmark Rundt Team Novo Nordisk ended a five-year draught when Charles Planet powered to 10th place on Stage 4, the team’s first top 10 result in the biggest Danish stage race since 2013.

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