UCI Track Cycling World Championships – Berlin

05 March 2020

Race: UCI Track Cycling World Championships ⁣

Location: Berlin, Germany ⁣

Date: Thursday, Feb 27⁣

Result: 29th⁣


By Mandy Marquardt

BERLIN, GERMANY – This season has been one to remember and it’s a great feeling to see progress and growth. However, my performance at Worlds wasn’t the one I expected.

I went to Poland to prepare for this race and the preparation went well. It’s incredibly difficult being away from home for months, being 100% focused and dedicated to performing well, and then not getting the results I was hoping for.

I’m filled with mixed emotions. It’s a constant mental battle between feeling proud for getting to this point and being disappointed or feeling like I could have done better. But it is part of the game. Sport and success are always going to be non-linear. It’s an incredibly difficult, but fulfilling process.

Now it’s time to rest, reset, and reevaluate. Until the next race!




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