29 Aug - 2 Sep 2020

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2020 Tour de Hongrie - Stage 1

Race: Tour de Hongrie, Stage 1

Start/Finish: Esztergom – Esztergrom

Distance: 118 kilometers


Esztergrom, HUN – Team Novo Nordisk’s David Lozano laid down an explosive start at the five-day Tour de Hongrie by taking the King of the Mountains jersey on the opening stage in Estergrom.

“We did a great job today and I’m happy with my performance. Taking a jersey on the opening stage is great for our confidence and a solid way to start a stage race,” said Lozano.


While the team’s plan wasn’t to be in the breakaway on the 118-kilometer stage that featured three circuits each with a 2nd categorized climb, when the Spanish climber saw a large number of riders fighting to get in the break, he launched his own attack and was quickly joined by seven riders. The 8-man group immediately started working well together.

Heading over the first categorized climb, the 31-year old Spaniard made another calculated move and took maximum points. He earned additional points through the next two times over the KOM to secure the jersey.

“When I realized we could take the jersey and hold onto it for a couple of days, it gave me extra motivation to take the necessary points,” explained Lozano. “It’s a good feeling to help the team have a second podium appearance two races in a row.”


After the break was caught, the team switched attention for the finish into Estergrom. Frenchman Charles Planet finished just outside of the top 10 in 11th place behind stage winner Jon Aberasturi (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA).


Team Novo Nordisk is motivated to leave its mark at the 2.1-caliber race. Sports Director Massimo Podenzana said taking the KOM jersey was in the back of his mind and he was proud to see how Lozano read the race and reacted strategically.

“Lozano did a great job and attacked at the right moment to take the points for the jersey,” said Podenzana. “With two flat stages ahead, that means two more trips to the podium. We are also looking to play a few other cards and I know Hungarian Peter Kusztor and Charles are in good shape. It’s a positive start for us and we are eager for what’s to come.”


Next Up

The world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team takes on Stage 2 at the Tour de Hongrie on Sunday. The 158-km stage runs from Debrecen to Hajduszobos.


Lozano retains the red jersey and Peron sprints into the top20

Race: Tour de Hongrie

Start/Finish: Debrecen – Hajduszobos

Distance: 158km


Andrea Peron

“It was a really hot stage today over 35 degrees and with it being so flat and open there literally no shelter, but the team did a great job of looking after me right into the final and I have to thank them for helping me stay in a great position.”

“I felt really good, strong legs, happy with speed and we knew before the stage that it was a finish that could suit me, but as we hit the last few hundred metres there was a sharp right turn and some riders went down. I hit the brakes and that caused me to lose a few places and from there it was difficult to get back into the top ten.

“We have to look on the positive side of things, but I think if it wasn’t for the crash, I would have had a higher finish and broke into the top ten. It’s great for the team that we managed to keep David in the mountains jersey for another day and we will look to go again tomorrow.”


Massimo Podenzana


“The objectives for today were to make sure we kept David out of trouble and retained the mountains jersey and also to help Andrea for the sprint in the final. We achieved both of our objectives and I’m really satisfied with the boys today.”

“It’s easy to say ‘oh, it’s a flat stage why would you have trouble keeping the mountains jersey’, but on a stage like today anything can happen with the heat and the wind, but in the end, it was ok, and all the guys could focus on looking after Andrea.

“It was unfortunate that the crash happened because Andrea was in a great position to go for a result, but he did well to get back in and sprint into 15th. We have another two opportunities for Andrea and we will certainly be looking to take them.”


Next Up

Stage three of the Tour de Hongrie takes place tomorrow and will cover 182 kilometers from Karcag – Nyiregyhaza.







Crash disrupts Peron’s chances in Hungary and Lozano holds on to red on stage three

Race: Tour de Hongrie

Start/Finish: Karcag – Nyiregyhaza

Distance: 180km

Andrea Peron, ITA

“It’s really frustrating to have crashed today, I was feeling good and determined to break into the top ten, but a group of riders went down in front of me and I couldn’t avoid them and hit the deck too.”

“I banged my knee pretty bad, but I hope the swelling goes down and that I will be ok for tomorrow’s stage.”

David Lozano, ESP – Red Jersey 

“The team did another great job today. It’s a shame that Andrea got caught up in the crash, but he couldn’t avoid it and we all tried our best to help him get back in the best position possible.”

“It was really hectic out there, lots of attacks early on and me, Sam Brand and Joonas Henttala all tried to make it into the break, but it was quite late when it formed, and we settled down focused on holding our position.

“Tomorrow is going to be a tough day, we have to be very attentive to hold on to the red jersey and the objective will be to get into the breakaway and get as many mountains points as possible. The climbs come quite late in the stage and we will definitely do our best to keep the jersey.”

Massimo Podenzana, DS

“We came into today’s stage viewing it as a good opportunity for Andrea to contest the final sprint, but this is cycling, and crashes happen and in a moment your plans can change. He is ok and we’ll see if his knee recovers in time for tomorrow.”

“David and the guys knew what they had to do today, and they did it. Tomorrow is where we have to really switch on. We need to get into the breakaway or at the very least make sure the guys closest to David in the Mountain’s Classification don’t get up the road and get the point ahead of us.”

Next Up

Tomorrow’s stage four of the Tour de Hongrie covers 171 kilometers from Sarospatak to Kazincbarcika.



Race: Tour de Hongrie

Start/Finish: Sarospatak – Kazincbarcika

Distance: 171km

David Lozano 

“The first hour was super hard today. It was fast and full of attacks, ours included! But it was really important for us to either get in the break or at least, control who was going in the break to make sure that the other riders who are close to me in the mountains classification were not there.”

“We managed to control the situation really well and for the fourth stage in a row the guys did a really great job. Once the small break went up the road we could settle down and work towards setting up Charles Planet up for the finish.

“It was actually a chaotic finale and we brought Charles up to the front with no problems and then for the second day running there were crashes late on and it totally disrupted our finish. None of our guys went down, but we didn’t get chance to execute our initial plan.

“It all falls on tomorrow’s last stage for us. All or nothing. I have to get in the breakaway to protect and win the mountains jersey and we will give it our all to make that happen and bring the jersey home.”

Massimo Podenzana

“Yes, the man objective today was to control the situation with the breakaway to make sure that the red jersey was still on David’s shoulders going into the final stage and we achieved that with some good work from the whole team in the beginning.”

“The second objective was to try and get a good stage result and with today’s lumpy finishing circuits suiting a puncheur, we wanted to go with Charles and give him every opportunity to have a go in the final.

“Unfortunately, there were two crashes in the last couple of kilometers and Charles got held up and had to fight hard to get back into the front group and by then it was too late. Our focus is now on resting well tonight and giving everything to support David tomorrow and win that red jersey.”

Next Up

Tomorrow’s fifth and final stage is the decider and hits the Hungarian mountains for 188km from Miskolc – Gyongyos to Kekesteto.


David Lozano comes close to the King of the Mountains jersey at the Tour de Hongrie

Race: Tour de Hongrie

Start / Finish: Miskolc – Gyongyos-Kekesteto

Distance: 188km


A great five days of racing at the Tour de Hongrie, Team Novo Nordisk’s David Lozano almost capped off the race in style with the King of the Mountains jersey. The Spanish climber even attended the podium ceremony and received all the accolades before the race jury awarded the jersey to overall race winner, Atilla Valter (CCC Team). Lozano took the red mountains jersey on the opening day of racing and the entire team into Wednesday’s stage determined to defend.


“It is unfortunate to come this close to bringing home the jersey. I was absolutely ecstatic; over the moon,” said Lozano. “There’s no better way than a podium to show the world that we can compete against the best even with diabetes. We worked so well as a team, we were always together and today was the toughest stage of the race.


It came down to the wire on the last day of racing and after taking third place in the first GPM, Lozano jumped again on the second climb to take points followed by teammate Charles Planet who mopped up the remaining points to stop anyone else from making up ground on Lozano. 

However, eventual race winner Atilla Valter (CCC Team) accumulated the same points by winning the stage. In a tiebreaker, Valter won the mountain classification because he won the stage and the overall.


“The whole team did a great job today, everything I asked, they did,” began Massimo Podenzana. “It’s so important for our team to show ourselves in this way and these are the results that matter. To come so close to winning together as a team is slightly disappointing, but we held that jersey for four stages and we showed our sponsors proudly in the battle.”


“Everybody deserves a mention, they all did their jobs throughout the race, Sam Brand, Andrea Peron, Peter Kusztor, Joonas Henttala and of course David and Charles. It was a hard race against top teams. When we needed to today, we made the race and did our best to get David in the right position. They are heroes, every one of them.”


Lozano crossed the line at the summit, totally spent after giving everything for 188 kilometers with one objective in mind– Staying in red.


“It started so fast today and was uphill. After battling to either get in or control the break for the first hour, the first GPM arrived out of nowhere so to get up there and take points really boosted my confidence,” concluded Lozano. “When I crossed the line, I really thought we had done enough especially with the points from the second GPM, but it wasn’t meant to be.”


Next Up:

Team Novo Nordisk will be racing in Slovakia at the Tour de Slovaquie from the 16th to 19th of September.