Rider Profile

Team Novo Nordisk earned its second victory during its seven-year history when David Lozano soloed to the win on Stage 7 of the Tour du Rwanda (2018). The 29-year-old continued his dominance at the race by taking three second places and one third place. Overall, he earned eight top 5 finishes in 2018 including fifth overall at the Tour of Estonia and fifth overall at the Tour du Rwanda.

Now in his seventh year with Team Novo Nordisk, Lozano is an 11-time Spanish national champion in mountain-bike and cyclocross racing. In March 2014, he proved his strength on the road when he won the king of the mountain’s classification at Cholet Pays De Loire in France. Additional career highlights include sixth on Stage 3 of the Tour de Korea (2015), eighth on Stage 2 of the Tour of Estonia (2018) and eighth on Stage 2 of the Tour du Rwanda (2018).

Lozano was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder as a child and his father encouraged him to play sports to burn off excess energy. By the age of 8, he was competing in mountain biking races and went on to dominate the Spanish circuit throughout his teens. Lozano turned professional at 18 with the Spanish team, MSC Bikes, and was considered the best mountain biker in Spain when he began to lose vision in his right eye. At the hospital he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and Lozano hoped to continue mountain biking. But after he informed his team manager of the diagnosis, the team immediately broke his contract.

Lozano’s father also has type 1 diabetes and has struggled with his diabetes management. When Lozano was diagnosed, his mother was distraught, believing that the younger Lozano might experience the same difficulties as his father.

Soon after his diagnosis, Lozano connected with Team Novo Nordisk CEO Phil Southerland via Facebook and the two, along with Lozano’s mother, met in Barcelona. Southerland explained the values of the team — to help inspire, educate and empower those living with diabetes — and invited Lozano to join. Lozano’s mother was grateful for the opportunity, knowing her son could live a healthy life and continue his athletic career.

Since Lozano joined Team Novo Nordisk, his father has been inspired and taken a more active role in his own diabetes management. Off the bike, the 29-year-old loves spending time with his Spanish water dog, Aria, and his wife.

"Make diabetes adapt to you. Don’t change your entire life to adapt to diabetes."

Best Performances


  • 6th – Vuelta Independencia Nacional Republica Dominicana, Stage 2
  • 6th – Tour de Korea, Stage 3


  • 10 – Tour de Beauce, Stage 3
  • 8th – Tour de Beauce, Stage 5
  • King of the Mountain – Cholet Pays de Loire


  • 14th World MTB Championship


  • 4th European MTB Championship
  • 12x Spanish National MTB Champion


Personal Story

I started cycling aged seven but up until last year I was a mountain biker; it was only after my diagnosis with diabetes that I began road cycling. At first I struggled with my diagnosis but Phil Southerland has helped me a lot; he has motivated me to manage my diabetes so that I can still do the same exercise I was doing before. Right now cycling is my way of life, it helps me control my diabetes because you have to think more about the food you eat and you have a healthier lifestyle.TNN_DavidLozano_ESP_Type1_0113_v1_current

Message to people with diabetes

Don’t be afraid to live a normal life, try to listen to your body and live the dream.

Cycling dream

I want a successful career at the same time as inspiring and helping other people.

Life dream

Have a happy family.