Tour of Bulgaria

26 Aug - 31 Aug 2023

TEAM Development Team


TEAM Development Team STAGES 4

TNN Development Faces Weather Challenges at Tour of Bulgaria

Team Novo Nordisk Development team began the Tour of Bulgaria on Saturday with a short yet intense prologue due to harsh weather conditions. The race continued on Sunday where our Devo riders went through two stages on that same day.

Sergey Lagutin, Development Team Head Coach:

“The first stage didn’t look too challenging. The plan was for the riders to position themselves at the front during the climb and to support Celestin or Doriand for the final sprint.”

“The stage started quite easily, and the breakaway formed immediately with five riders, getting a two-minute gap. Our riders performed well, with most of them finishing in the second group.”

“The second stage was a short one but harder due to the very hot weather. It was a good learning experience for our guys, and a good preparation for the upcoming days.”

TNN Development conquers second stage of Tour of Bulgaria

On the third day of the Tour of Bulgaria, Team Novo Nordisk Development faced a tough but relatively short stage, covering only 108km. The route featured a steep climb in the second half of the stage, which was expected to split the peloton.

Sergey Lagutin, Development Team Head Coach:

“I advised the riders to form a solid gruppetto in order to get over the climb. This would allow them to avoid getting caught in the wind and to save energy for the final climb.”

“Doriand and Antonio did a great job. They stayed in the gruppetto throughout the stage and managed to get over the climb without any problems. They finished in the third group, just over 6 minutes behind the stage winner.”

“I’m happy with the way the guys rode today. It was a tough day, but they showed a lot of strength. We are building on our experience and I am looking forward to seeing how they perform in the long 180km stage tomorrow.”

TNN Development Overcomes Long day in Bulgaria

The third stage of the Tour of Bulgaria, a 180-kilometer route from Kazanlak to Burgas, a beautiful city on the Black Sea coast, was a long and challenging one. The hot weather made it difficult for the riders, but Team Novo Nordisk Development handled the day well.

Sergey Lagutin, Development Team Head Coach:

“Today was the longest stage, but it was completely flat. I told the riders that it was important to manage their glucose levels, stay hydrated, and control their energy.”

“A breakaway with three riders formed early on, but the team in the leader’s jersey controlled the stage and kept the breakaway in check. Our riders worked together as a unit and helped each other to stay hydrated and energized.”

“At the finish, Antonio was in the peloton and helped Doriand in the final sprint, who tried for a top10. Doriand gave it his all, but he ultimately finished 25th, which is still a great result. Overall it was a good race day for us, and we are prepared for the next stages.”

Polga Finishes in Top 20 at Stage 4 of Tour of Bulgaria

The fourth stage of the Tour of Bulgaria was once again a hot and hard day for the riders. The 114km route from Burgas to Silven featured a number of strong crosswinds, which made it difficult to stay in the front of the pack.

Team Novo Nordisk Development had a solid showing on the day and scored a top 20 finish with Antonio Polga in the 15th place.

Sergey Lagutin, Development Team Head Coach:

“Today was a typical flat sprinters stage. I warned the riders to pay attention to the crosswind and position themselves well for the finale. Antonio stayed in the front for the last kilometer and was able to avoid a massive crash. He sprinted for a top 20 position and finished in 15th place.”

“I’m proud of Antonio’s performance today. He showed great determination and skill and it was amazing to see him finish in the top 20. I’m confident about tomorrow’s last stage with a hilly course. We’ll be looking to get a good result and finish the Tour of Bulgaria on a high note.”