Assessing Perceived Attitudes and Challenges in Athletes with Type 1 Diabetes

01 June 2020


Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition that requires a lifetime of self-management. In order for the health care provider, endocrinologist or sports coach to provide appropriate and meaningful advice around exercise and type 1 diabetes, it is important to have as much information available as possible. Little is known about individual perspectives and challenges faced by elite-level athletes living with type 1 diabetes and where they turn to for advice. 


“Where do the TNN athletes turn to advice about their glucose management?”

“Do they wish they could get a better night’s sleep?”

“What is their attitude towards technology and how comfortable are they using it?”


In an attempt to answer some of these questions and to get better insight into the perceived attitudes and challenges faced by the TNN athletes, the Research Team created the Diabetes ExErcise Perception (DEEP-1) Questionnaire.

The DEEP-1 Questionnaire consists of a range of open and closed questions, focusing on 4 key areas related to diabetes management and exercise: 

1) Sleep and Recovery; 2) Technology; 3) Nutrition and 4) glucose management.



The results from this small pilot study highlight the importance of an individualized approach to diabetes management and high-level exercise performance. The Research Team have used these responses alongside detailed one-on-one meetings with the riders to better understand which areas to focus on in the future. 

Moving forward, the Research Team will further develop the DEEP-1 Questionnaire. The long-term plan is to create an easy to use tool may provide a useful and time-efficient means for healthcare professionals to gain deeper insight into their patients’ attitudes and challenges regarding exercise.


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