10 Questions with Stephen Clancy

18 January 2021


1. That song you don’t ever want to hear again…Gangnam style 

2. My biggest nightmare is…missing the birth of my first child!


3. The last website I visited was… Catalan Cycling Federation to get my 2021 licence


4. Umberto Poli … tells the funniest stories on our training camps.


5. No one knows that I…have a model collection of over 100 diecast model cars and motorbikes


6. If I were a millionaire…I’d travel the world


7. The race I would most like to win is…Paris Roubiax


8. When the world is back to normal, the first artist/band I would like to see live is…Stick Figure


9. The last YouTube video I watched was…Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin Tribute) Kennedy Centre Honors


10. If I weren’t a cyclist, I…would like to try some trail running events.

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