Runners Ready for 2016 Boston Marathon

10 April 2016

On Monday, April 18, Team Novo Nordisk runners Casey Schwenk, Lauren Adams, Salvador Martinez and Stephen England will race to inspire people affected by diabetes at the world-famous Boston Marathon. Below, the athletes preview the race in their own words.

Casey Schwenk

Casey Schwenk | 2016 Team Novo Nordisk | Boston MarathonHow you’ve been training? 

For me, a race is just a reflection of the training I’ve done leading up to race day. Most people train based on a 7-day week, but I’ve found that, for me, a 9-day week worked best to get a long run and two speed workouts, with enough time in between to recover. For me to compete at a high-level in the marathon, endurance and speed are equally important. In addition to running, cross-training is a big part of preparing for a race.

I also find that swimming, cycling, balance and stability and strength training will greatly improve my performance, especially later in the race when I need to rely on strength to help keep my form and get me through those tough miles.

What your goals are for the race?

My goal for this race is to put every piece of training to use and to walk away from the finish line knowing that I have done the best I possibly could.

I’m in better shape than I have ever been going into a marathon and I am expecting to run a PR and hopefully finish in a time of 2:40.

How you hope to inspire people affected by diabetes at the race?

At the race, I will show people what I’m able to accomplish living with diabetes. In doing so, I hope that other people living with diabetes will be inspired to show me what they can do with diabetes!

In a race, on the field, in a classroom, on stage or in outer space- I’ll shown you what I can do with diabetes, now show me what you can do!

Learn more about Casey here.

Lauren Adams

Lauren Adams | Team Novo Nordisk | 2016 Boston MarathonHow you’ve been training?

After a half-marathon in December, my coach started gradually increasing my overall mileage and long runs, while also adding some tempo runs. I did another half-marathon in March to help me learn how my body responds on race day and to determine if I’m on track with my pace goal for the Boston Marathon.

I train with a local running group, but since I work and have two young children, I do most of my shorter runs on my treadmill. For a shorter run, I may even take my 3-year-old in the jogging stroller. He makes a run entertaining and cheers me on to go faster!

What your goals are for the race?

I usually set two goals for a race. Boston will be my fourth marathon, so I’d like to PR and get under 3:34. Ultimately, I’ve been training to run a 8-minute mile and break under 3:30.

How you hope to inspire people affected by diabetes at the race?

After a couple marathons, I thought my dream of running Boston was out of my reach, especially given a busy work schedule and having our two boys. Running helps me celebrate the amazing things my body is capable of regardless of my age or living with diabetes.

In running the Boston Marathon, I want to inspire other people with diabetes to pursue their dreams. It’s a special time of the year for me too, I’m marking 24 years of living with type 1 diabetes this April.

Learn more about Lauren here.

Salvador Martinez

Salvador Martinez | Team Novo Nordisk | 2016 Boston MarathonHow you’ve been training?

I have been training for Boston since November- first in Mexico City, in the Santa Fe area, where there are some hills to work on, and also at a National Park called El Ocotal on the weekends. This was a great thing because there are a lot of friendly running clubs that train there and you can run along them the days you go there.

In February, my family and I moved from Mexico City to Metepec (located about 60km away), and here I have been training on the streets and at a park that’s three blocks away from my home. The park has been a great discovery, because I have been invited by a friend to join his running club, and since middle of February I’ve workout with them, focusing on strength and speed.

What your goals are for the race?

My goals for this race are like any other race. First of all, I want to race safe and keep my blood glucose levels in my target range. After that, I want to have fun like I do at every race and enjoy every moment. But at the Boston Marathon, I would like to run below 3:20, if possible.

How you hope to inspire people affected by diabetes?

As a member of Team Novo Nordisk, my main goal for this race is encourage people with diabetes and show them that even a goals such as running in the Boston Marathon can be achievable!

Learn more about Salvador here.

Stephen England

Stephen England | Team Novo Nordisk | 2016 Boston MarathonHow you’ve been training?

I began training for my 5th Boston Marathon at the end of December. That allows for 16 weeks of preparation, with two quality speed sessions per week.
This year, however, I’m putting a spin on Boston.

Last year, I chose forego the race and instead watch my wife and friends run.  So to make amends, I have chosen to run the “Double”. That means I’ll start at the finish line, run the 26.2-mile course backwards to the start line, and then run back to the finish with the rest of the 30,000 runners to Boylston Street!

A total of 52.4 miles! I put it down to the ultra-runner in me!

What your goals are for the race?

My goal, other than a successful completion of the race, is to be able to re-qualify for Boston 2017 (meaning, I’ll need to finish under 3:10) on very tired legs!

But a really dream result would be to run under 3:00 after already completing a full marathon just minutes before the official race. Whatever happens, it’s going to be fun and a new kind of challenge!

How you hope to inspire people affected by diabetes?

I’m really looking forward to pulling on my Team Novo Nordisk race gear once more for the Boston Marathon. I feel very proud to be representing the diabetes community at one of the biggest running events in the world and hopefully inspiring some people along the way.

If I can inspire someone affected by diabetes to put some running shoes on and go for a run in the park or register for a local 5K, then feel like I’ve done my job.

Phil Southerland once said, “Exercise is the billion dollar drug”, and I totally agree. It’s right there for us to grab, and I do that every day and love it.

Learn more about Stephen here.

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