Strong Winds Make for Tough First Stage of the Tour of South Bohemia

07 September 2023

The first stage of the Tour of South Bohemia started on a sunny and hot day in the small town of Trebon. The 136km route was hilly, with several challenging climbs. The riders of Team Novo Nordisk Development faced strong winds throughout the day, which made the race even more difficult.

Daniel Holt, Development Team General Manager:

“I warned the riders of the strong winds they would face all day long. I advised them to stay aware of it and adjust their position accordingly. I also suggested that they position themselves at the front of the peloton to save energy and avoid being caught in the wind. I wanted them to ride together as a team to stay motivated and draft off of each other.”

“This was Anton’s first race outside of the France, and he put in an amazing performance. He held his own against some of the best riders in the peloton and positioned himself well throughout the whole race. The other riders also learned a lot from the experience and are now focused on the upcoming stages.”

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