Visegrad 4 – Poland & Czech Republic

27 July 2023

Team Novo Nordisk Development just returned from the Visegrad 4 Bicycle Races in both Poland and Czech Republic.

Development team General Manager Daniel Holt:

“The course of the first race in Poland is very flat, with 2/3 of the 13km lap consisting of straight roads with direct crosswinds. The plan was for the guys to try taking positions in the neutral section and then protect themselves to be ready to go with the break.

Doriand was on the front all day and even made his way into a chase group competing for the top 20 positions. It was good to have him back after his crash in California.
Antonio also rode well, keeping a good position throughout the race which is not bad for a climber in a race with constant echelons.

The race in the Czech Republic is a tough one. The goal was to keep a good position and try to save energy for the final 75km when it gets really hard. Just finishing this race is an accomplishment, since about 30 riders usually cross the finish line.

Antonio and Doriand both have a great performance, keeping up with all the splits until 60km to go when the race exploded. They did their best and they did well in letting go when the time gap was way too high, in order to save energy for the upcoming¬†races.”

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